the marriage mirage


i think my issue with marriage is that people often jump into it hoping that it will be the gateway for something else. it will make me secure. it will make me happy. it will make me whole. it will be all the things of fairy tales. not only is that ridiculous, it is highly unlikely. if you ask me, a perfect marriage consists of two people who are already happy, already feeling whole(or already on their way there), and already secure-with themselves and the relationship. and lets face it, setting your sights on anything even remotely like a fairy tale would be disastrous. who wants a psychopathic witch, stepmother, wolf, or octopus on your trail trying to ruin your life? certainly not i.

counting on any person or any thing else to make you happy is a surefire way to end up miserable. the only thing you are going to always have in your life is you. i know, i know, that sounds incredibly jaded. honestly, it isn’t though. it is a fact, and an incredibly liberating one at that. you do not have to rely on anyone else but yourself! you alone have the power to make anything happen. that is mind-blowing! we should take advantage of that to the fullest. to only find complete happiness in anything other than yourself means that you will undoubtedly end up losing that happiness at some point. if you each bring your own happiness, you will  be able to share and expand your happiness, while still embracing your own.

too often, folks assume that being in a relationship will make them whole. nothing could be further from the truth. in order to truly give yourself to another person, you need to have the complete package. no one gifts only part of a present-that would be ridiculous! only when you reach wholeness with yourself should you expect to reach oneness in a relationship. it wouldn’t be fair to place that burden on your relationship, and it wouldn’t be fair to yourself to never truly get to complete yourself. two people who feel complete in themselves can much easier love another. just love, which is the point. when we just love and learn and expand our minds together, we can build on the wholeness that we already have. that is the exciting part. it shouldn’t be a chore.

as tough as it can be for me to stay secure in myself and a relationship, i’ve discovered that if i remind myself that everything is uncertain, it is much easier. nothing is true that hasn’t happened yet. by not focusing on all of the what-ifs and worrying about the future, you leave much more time for focusing on the present time together. each of you will have your ups and downs, your good moods and bad moods. the trick is to just keep going. that is all. just keep traveling down that path together…and never forget that you decided to travel it together for a reason, even when you can’t seem to recall what that reason was. do the best you can in every situation, and you’ll discover that security isn’t real. nothing will ever be completely secure, and that is completely okay. remember that you don’t need each other, you WANT each other. things will always go wrong, there will always be arguments and sadness. once you accept that, you will realize the perfection is wrapped up inside of the imperfection. staying committed to being real, open, and honest is the true security.

these are the important things. the truth. marriage is the journey, the companionship, the imperfection. that is something i am one hundred percent into. the mirage of marriage that society has thrown upon us, couldn’t be further from what i want. i want the person who is so sure that i am a solid person to travel the path with that they are willing to make it official. to be there for the good, the bad, the ugly. the pain and the happiness. the learning and struggling and excitement when we get it right. to know that sometimes i need to take the shortcut while they take the long way, but that we will meet back up on the other side, even if someone has to wait a bit. that they won’t mind waiting, and that they will happily find something to occupy their time until the other arrives. then taking the hard road, the dark road, working your way through terrifying twists and turns together. climbing the highest mountains, nearly running out of water in the desert, and accidentally swimming in shark infested waters. needing to dodge the bullets, outrun the trains, and narrowly escape the furious mobster chasing you down…and that’s the good stuff. the real stuff. the stuff worth having. the stuff of fairy tales? no thanks. this girl is holding out for the stuff of the worlds best selling adventure novel.


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